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    2 issues regarding exporting and cuda


      Issue number 1: my rendering/exporting is very slow with or without cuda enabled. I just bulit a powerful pc (i7 770k, liquid cooling, gtx 1060 6gb, 16 gig ram ddr4) yet it takes me 40mins to an hour to render a less than 2 minute video I edited. I used a lot of effects but surely it wouldn't take that long right? Also when I was render a preview it said it would take an hour and 30 minutes with cuda enabled but 9 minutes without.

      Issue 2 is that the video I want to render won't render in 1920x1080 resolution. I'd assume one of the clips I have is messing with the resolution but my settings are set to 1920 and that's what it says the source is when I goto export. When I try to force the resolution the black borders I put over get distored. Are the black borders causing the issue.


      I will provide more info tomorrow if anyone needs it. Thank you all