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    Ranking search results in WebHelp?

    maniac9999 Level 1
      Hey everyone,

      Is the any way I can get RoboHelp to automatically rank search results for relevance in a WebHelp project? HTML Help does it automatically and JavaHelp also does it, but I haven't had any luck doing it in WebHelp. Currently, WebHelp results seem to organized alphabetically, which is pretty useless, unless end users don't minding clicking on each result - not likely.

      I'm sure if there's a solution it probably involves a JavaScript. Though I'd like to avoid using a script, I'd also like to know if it's possible and how to do it.

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          Roger N Level 2
          Jim -

          You've probably gathered that there is no button or option to provide a ranked search result. It is possible to construct your own from Javascript - the 'how to' involves a lot of custom scripting, but it's been done.

          Perhaps easier would be to use a third-party search tool. There are some commercial ones, as well as some open-license routines that you can incorporate into your help project.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Take a look at the search page on my site. There's a link to the one I use which was simple enough to set up. It's inexpensive, can rank results, can highlight the term in the results and in the page accessed, all are options.