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    Is my Indesign slow?

    arjun2 Level 1

      For the first time in my life I am working on a 570 page long document. The .indd file I am working on is 97mb in size. All the text is black in colour and there are no shapes or graphics made in this file. It has 28 different master pages. 10 paragraph styles and consists of lots of externally linked images in jpeg and png format of filesize at the max of 3 mb. Most images are below 1mb in file size. These are the only non text item in my document.


      I am working on my PC which is not connected to any network or something like that. All the linked images are placed in my hard drive.



      When I add pages in the file, indesign hangs for 3-4 seconds and then adds pages.



      There are no complex graphics in the indd file. But it takes sometimes 30 seconds to open up.


      I wanted to confirm is this a normal behaviour of InDesign? I am using cc 2017 version and windows 10 -64 bit.