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    InDesign layers won't expand/extend/unfold


      I am on Win7x64 Ultimate and InDesign CC v2017.1; x64. This is the problem:


      There are objects (text, pics, etc.) on all 3 layers. For some reason though, no matter what I mark, what I select, how I select it, or whatever I do, I simply cannot get the layers to expand/unfold and show their contents properly. If I click individually through the objects on my pages, then the respective layer does extend and show all its contents. However, when I clear my selection and just try to hit (unfold) the layer arrows (so as to see what each layer contains) I can at most expand one layer (as the image above shows). The other layers' contents won't  show. The arrows do flip from pointing sideways to pointing down, but they simply do not reveal the layer's contents (as seen on the image above).


      Tried toggling on and off the layer panel options 'Suppress Text Wrap When Layer is Hidden' / 'Ungroup/Paste Remembers Layers' / 'Small panel rows' but still nothing.


      What could be could be causing this and how to fix it? All I need is that when I toggle the arrows they would expand and show the layer's contents.