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    Add Previous/Next Buttons to Main Toolbar

      I am using RoBo Help HTML X5.0.2. I am aware there are Previous/Next Button on the Navigational Toolbar. However, if the User closes the TOC it eliminates the Previous/Next Buttons. What is the simple JavaScript to Add these buttons to the Main Toolbar? I can't seem to get the correct script. It returns with an Error on Page msg.
      Thanks in advance for any help.
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          Hi Rebecca,

          The Previous and Next buttons are built-in components of the help viewer and do not require any scripting. RoboHelp, unfortunately, did not support this feature and to make things worse actually strips them out if you add them manually. I don't know how X5 handles this but here is the workaround I use:

          Open the .hhp file in Wordpad. Add 600000 (hex) to the buttons definition. (This is the value immediately after the window position in square brackets - just put a 6 after the '0x' in front of the five existing digits.) Save the file. Compile using Help Workshop. Help Workshop is available free from Microsoft.

          This will add previous and next buttons to your main frame which will follow the TOC order. For this to work, you must be using a binary TOC.

          Hope this helps,


          Hi again,

          I just read your previous post - on a different topic - and see that you are producing WebHelp. I always assume this forum is for compiled help, since there is another "WebHelp" forum but it seems like we get more WebHelp questions than compiled Help. My response was limited to compiled help, so please ignore it.

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            Auuuugh! MAN I hate when folks do this!

            please Please PLEASE do not cross post! Ask your question only once in the forum where you best feel it fits. Then wait for an answer.

            Trust me. Something magickal will happen Really! I swear! Those that can help you out actually see the post and respond!

            Incredible, isn't it?

            Click here to view the other thread where an answer has been offered.

            Sincerely... Rick
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              Sorry Rick,

              The cross post was probably my fault for implying to Rebecca that this forum was for compiled help. I know it isn't, but there should be a forum for compiled help only and there isn't. Poor original design on the forum? I work exclusively in compiled help and are often confused by posts that bring up a common .chm file question but are actually for WebHelp.