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    Photoshop CC - Touch Gestures Problem (Randomly Stop working)(Not Smooth)



      I just bought a "Surface pro 4"

      5i 4GB Ram 128GB Hard


      after installing "windows 10 creators update"

      i installed "Photoshop CC 2017 and for first time tried "Touch Gestures"

      yet, I found a Big problem

      If i use pen for a while and put it aside and try to Zoom/Pan/Rotate, It won't respond or work

      I test it in many ways but it's not effective

      i must wait for 5 or 10 sec for it to work again

      if i put that aside, i think Touch Gestures is not that smooth too

      the main purpose of Touch Gestures is to work with one hand on pen and other one for Zoom/Pan/Rotate/...


      I wasn't sure if it's related to Photoshop Settings or Sureface Drivers

      and I don't know if Touch Gestures need a lot of Ram or GPU and it's because I'm using the lowest Surface Pro 4 Model or not

      so I created this discussion to see if anyone else have such problem or is there a solution for it or not

      Thank you