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    Weird Lag when opening new file or saving a file


      Ok, so this is my first post here and I came for a specific problem.


      I have a Weird Lag when opening new file or saving a file. Basically, when ever I have the windows file explorer open for any kind of file operation.


      I only face lag when doing this (or any other operation that uses Windows File explorer Dialog).

      I have no lag/problems when actually using Photoshop for editing images.

      So I believe this has something to do with PS's compatibility with windows explorer shell or vice-versa.


      You can see the problem here : Photoshop Problem - YouTube


      Did you see the way the Icons in the taskbar keep "Refreshing"? And the lag when Scrolling though the files and trying to name them?


      I'm on Windows 10 creators update.

      Core i7 4710HQ 2.5~3.5 ghz.

      24GB RAM

      SSD+HDD (PS Installed On SSD)

      Photoshop Version :


      I also had this problem on 2 previous versions of PS.


      Hope I can Find a solution here.




      I also have Illustrator and Dreamweaver installed and I don't have such (or any, for that matter of fact) problems with them. They run smoothly without any issues.


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