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    Lightroom Mobile Importing Original Photo from iPhone Camera Roll

    dlmanning Level 1

      A couple months ago, LR Mobile started importing the original picture from my iPhone camera roll, instead of the edited version. Is this an intentional change? I certainly hope not.



      1. take picture using native iPhone camera app

      2. make minor edits to picture (crop, etc.) using the native iPhone Photos app

      3. open LR Mobile

      4. import picture


      LR Mobile imports the original, not the cropped/edited picture. The same thing happens using an iPad.


      I've called tech support a dozen times. At first they tried to fix the problem by having me reinstall the app, etc. Now they're saying that LR Mobile has always imported the original. I've been using it for a year and I know that is not true. They recommend that I take all of my pictures using the LR Mobile camera, making my edits in LR Mobile, then export them to my camera roll. That's a workaround that I'd rather not do for a variety of reasons.


      Can other users follow my same workflow above and let me know the result? I would greatly appreciate it.


      Has anyone else figured out how to import the edited pictures on their phone?


      I'm using iPhone 6+, latest iOS, latest LR Mobile version.