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    Acrobat Pro DC Freezing


      I have a problem that is causing Acrobat installs to freeze frequently and yet still randomly (tested with both local and network files, no other programs open, using occurs on both Win8.1 and 7, little disk activity, about 4GB ram free).

      Are there any tools to help pinpoint why the software may be freezing?

      Any things that may typically cause this to occur?

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          meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

          Hi akojio39034980,


          Please try to repair the installation. If you are on Windows, launch the application and go to Help menu > Repair Installation.

          As the application freezing, try the troubleshooting steps provided here: Troubleshoot Windows system errors, freezes | Adobe software

          Also, make sure that the application is updated to the latest patch released.

          You may refer this help document to get information on updates: Release Notes | Adobe Acrobat, Reader

          Check if this helps.


          If you still experience the issue, please share the dot version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC you are using.

          To check that dot version, launch the application and go to Help menu > About Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

          Are you on Windows or on Mac? What is the OS version?


          Let us know how it goes.

          We will be waiting for your response.




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            I have been having this same issue for about 8 months now. Acrobat DC Pro just freeze for a full minute, then allows you to continue, then does it again a minute or two later. I've been online looking for solutions for just as long. I've gone to our IT staff, whose only solution was to downgrade my Acrobat to the prior version, which I hate. I like DC's functionality, when it works, but this is just terrible. I have PDFs open on my desktop all day.


            I've tried repairing. I've tried uninstalling. I've tried the troubleshooter, but there is no "prefs'" file in the path indicated by the troubleshooter (only a Preferences folder, which is empty).


            I am on Windows 7 Enterprise running Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017 Release Version 2017.009.20058 (screen shot of system specs below).