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    Adobe Acrobat 10.1.16 Pro crashes/freeze when printing to PDF on mapped Drive


      Hi Everyone....


      I have an issue with about 20-30 users, I don't know if there was an update that came through last week that is causing it but they are unable to save/print to pdf if they choose to save that file to network drive. Adobe crashes every time.


      I checked for updates on the current version and there are none.


      The steps taken were:


      restarting print spooler

      repair installation of adobe install

      uninstall and reinstall adobe

      verified permissions to mapped drive, nothing has changed on it



      The only workaround is to save locally and then copy the file to the mapped drive, not ideal and slows down their processing of files.


      Anyone have anything similar happening or know of something else that can be attempted?


      Thanks in advance.