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    Problem with Flash for both IE and Firefox

      Hi, first time user to this forum. Flash is not working for both IE and Firefox. What happens is that I will be at a website where Flash is running and instead of seeing something animated I will see the QuickTime logo then a broken QuickTime logo. Upon checking the settings for QuickTime it is not set to handle anything dealing with Flash.

      I have looked at the thread dealing with IE and tried that, but still the same problem.

      Still, no matter where I go I still get the broken QuickTime logo... even after uninstalling Flash (using that .exe file) and reinstalling it. In fact, upon installing the latest version of Flash, it just goes through a very quick installing process and does not really say anything about Flash being installed whether a browser is open or not.

      I am open for any suggestions to get this running properly again. Thanks in advance!
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          jasan3114 Level 1
          Does your movie work in some other browser .. netscape, AOL ???
          You might want to check the registry settings for IE. If you have a registry entry disabling flash, it won't work on IE.
          The first step would be to confirm whether your movie works in other browsers. Also try playing the movie on a different computer. If both work, then check regedit.