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    Need comment of an advanced code

    Level 7

      It came that i want to use the "multiple choice" component in flash (common
      library) to publish many quizz questions.

      Unfortunatly the component does allow things like saving scores. What i will
      do is to build a main movie within which the quizz swfs will load as player
      clicks "next question". So far i will neeed a find a way to let my main
      movie know whether the player answered false or good, then let it add points
      to the score, etc. Then later the score will be sent to a database for
      ratings, etc. You see the idea?

      Well the problem is that i just don'i know how to get such information from
      the quizz swf. I will need someone very fluent with actionScript to comment
      the code and tell me what variables or instructions do the job of letting
      know the answer is good or false, and how i can make my main movie to know

      I created a webpage with the code copied so you can see it.


      NOTE: the code is some long (330 lines).

      Oh, i also want to find a way to give IDs to each swfs so in case the player
      wants to know where he failed the database sends the questions and the good
      answer. How can i add an ID to the swf and let the main movie know them?

      Many thanks in advance