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    why is it wrong?




      I did not edit the file. It was an spontaneous capture, but I think that the result is in great quality. Maybe there are some thecnical errors that I dont know.

      Thank for heping me.

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When Adobe Stock rejects an image, they give a reason. What was the reason they gave for rejecting this image?


          I can tell you that, if I worked for Adobe, I would reject it for two reasons.


          1. It's too blurry. Look at the surfer's head as an example (note: I have not blown this up, this is at 100% zoom):


          2. It's too noisy. Look at the buildings as an example (note: again, this is not blown up at all):



          Before you submit any image, it's a good idea to view it at 100% resolution so that you can see the real quality of the image.

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            aitanaac1989 Level 1

            The reason was problems with objects. I think it's what you answered me. Thank you so much. I wil try to improve that details.