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    Need help in clarifying photoshop image editing

    Eshu153 Level 1



      I am a beginner in Adobe Photoshop. I am just wondering whether following things can be achieved in Photoshop or not.


      1. I have a man behind another in a JPEG file. Can I bring him to front using Photoshop?. I tried magic wand and content aware. Doesn't seem to be effective.


      2. I have the same man cut part of his body left side. Can I regenerate the cut parts like left hand and leg to make it full?.


      Awaiting for suggestions.


      Thanks and regards


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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          You cannot bring out hidden elements from files that only have one layer (including jpegs)


          You can simulate both cases above by taking details from another photograph, or making the left parts from reverse copies of the right parts etc. However it is not easy to make such a composite realistic - as the angles , the  lighting etc all have to match the other part of the body and the remainder of the picture.


          You need first to learn the basics of layers,  masking and adjustments .

          I would recommend following some basic online courses such as those on Lynda.com. You will learn the tools and quickly see what can be achieved.