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    How to use original JPG's over RAW's in Lightroom


      Hi, I take RAW+JPG with my camera.



      Best photos that I want to edit further, I want to edit the RAW-file.

      Bad photos I want to delete.

      Moderate, casual or informative photos I want to spare only JPG's.



      I want to use camera's original JPG's also when I don't have time and I want to share family photos quickly with my relatives. My camera has already edited those good enough, better than flat and unedited RAW-files.



      I want to share original-JPG's to my relatives also when I heavily edit RAW-files artistically and I want to give unedited option.



      The questions are

      1) How to collect the original JPG-files and export or share those straightly (to a folder or eg. Smugmug).

      2) How to delete only RAW's and spare JPG's.

      I don't want to do these manually when there are thousands of photo's and we are living in the era of digitalization.



      Thanks for your civilized answer!





      PS. Please do not answer with the question "why don't you use RAW's?". Nobody changes the fact that camera-finished JPG's are practical when it comes to speed, ease and cost.



      Background info:

      - I have millions of family photos in my server which I want to spare.

      - I will never going to be a professional.

      - In addition to RAID1, I make occasionally two backups of which second is only JPG's. Hard drive and backup space costs. Actually I don't need to backup RAW at all.

      - My other systems like Qnap server or TV or media player does support only JPG's.

      - Social media services that I use, do not need RAW (Facebook, Instagram).

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You obviously understand the difference between JPEG and raw, and understand the benefits of both. In the library module you can set a filter to show only the JPEG images. Then you can export copies of the JPEG images as they are and share those images with your family and friends. I think that would probably be the simplest solution to what it is that you are trying to do.

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