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    one FrameScript file suddenly freezing Frame 9


      Hi :-)


      I've searched through the messages but none seem to apply. I'm using FrameMaker 9.0p255 and FrameScript 6.0R1p70 on Windows 10.


      I have three scripts that were provided to me. Two of the scripts are working fine, but the third script freezes Frame 9. This script does three things: it converts the .fm files in a folder to .mif, it preprocesses TopicAlias and TokenAlias markers for preparation for DITA conversion, and it creates a file that lists all text variables in the book. The file was working fine yesterday afternoon (and has been working since I first installed FrameScript in February).


      I've deactivated and re-activated FrameScript. I've verified that all updates have been installed. I've disconnected and reconnected to the network. My last restore point is from July 5. I don't know what else to check, and I don't know why this specific file suddenly stopped working.


      (One of my teammates is having the exact same issue. The only difference is that he installed his own licensed version of FrameScript yesterday. He was also able to run the script yesterday but not today.)


      I appreciate any help :-) Thank you!


      Char James-Tanny

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          frameexpert Level 4

          It is doubtful that something is wrong with the FrameScript installation or activation. There is probably something in one of the files that is causing the problem. Does it always fail on the same file? Can you duplicate the problem? I may have some time to help you via a web meeting. Please contact me off list: rick at frameexpert dot com

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            CharJTF Level 1

            Hi, Rick :-)


            Yeah, I kinda doubted that it was the installation or activation, but I tried so many things yesterday (including logging on to a different network) before posting anything. (I wanted to be sure that I had absolutely tried everything.)


            It is the same file that is causing the issue for the two of us who run the scripts. And I can duplicate the problem.


            I will contact you offlist. Thank you!



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              CharJTF Level 1

              Hi, Rick :-)


              Just wanted to let you know that I figured it out. Because I was working onsite last week (I usually work from home), I was connected alternately to an external monitor and an overhead projector. And the script's initial dialog box was, for some reason, sitting on the unused display. I finally figured it out when I set up my laptop earlier at home with my external monitor...I had nothing on either display except the taskbar until I figured out that my system was putting stuff on the unused and unavailable display.


              Weirdly, one script launched the initial dialog box on the display with Frame. The script that wasn't working was, for some reason, using a different display.


              So thank you very much for your offer :-) This one was all me.



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                frameexpert Level 4

                One thing that happens to me with the "new" FrameMaker interface and FrameScript dialog boxes: sometimes FrameMaker will steal the focus from the dialog box and it will disappear behind the FrameMaker window. The only way to interact with it is to minimize the FrameMaker window to reveal the FrameScript dialog box underneath.