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    MySQL and Flash...

      Does ActionScript have functions that can import and edit data in a MySQL database? I am making a game, a sort of battle system where users can chat, fight, buy items that can help them in battle, and earn money. I'm going to be using a turn-based system, and the options will be much like that of an RPG. You will have the ability to customize your characters, and even use your own sprites, if you want. A bit of a problem though, is where to store all the information. At first I thought of .ini files, but they're not what you would call "secure." Then I thought of a MySQL database, and that seemed good. But... I just started Flash and I have no idea at all what it is capable of, so if anyone would be willing to help, it would be appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,

      Btw... Here's the vars I needed to get, if anyone cares.
      Vars I will need to retrieve for the system to work:
      Character appearance(clothes, skin color, hair type, etc.)
      Stats(HP, Ability, ATK, etc.)
      Items purchased(Attacking increasing items, defense items, special attacks, etc.)