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    Accessibility tagging problems with DC Pro 2017


      We have Acrobat Pro DC 2017 for Mac.


      I am having two issues with accessibility tagging with DC. I have been tagging for years with older versions and am very experienced, so these are new issues we did not have in XI.


      1) On any pre-tagged pdf (created with Word PDFMaker feature, or Acrobat auto-tagged pdfs), when I select content to background/artifact it, the gray boxes with the numbers (the read order) are not disappearing. The content is untagging in the tag tree, but the gray box is remaining. It is the same issue on all our Macs in our department.


      2) When manually adding tags, we are only able to manually tag the first page of pdfs, but not the subsequent pages. This is a huge problem!


      So far we stuck using our old version of Acrobat Pro XI, which does not have these issues. However, I work for a large corporation and our licensing department may not continue to allow us to use older software.


      Any feedback is appreciated.