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    Drawing with my tablet has lag ever since the new update on PC.


      Before I updated Photoshop, my drawing experience was perfectly normal. I use a Monoprice tablet and it's never given me issues using Photoshop until now. I usde Windows 10 and the computer I use is an MSi gaming series laptop.


      Whenever I draw with it now, the strokes won't show up unless I either pick up my pen or draw very slowly and small. So I believe the most recent update might've done something and I can't figure it out. I've tried reinstalling Photoshop, using different brushes, changing the tablet settings, and even trying to figure out the cache data, but to no avail. I tried switching to my other tablet(a Slate) and works perfectly fine with with the program, except there's no pressure sensitivity like the Momoprice has.


      I also tried using my Monoprice on Animate and GIMP and there's no problem with that. I even tried drawing on older version of Photoshop CC (the 2015 release) and everything works fine with that. So is this just my tablet dying? Or is it the newest update that made the lag happen?


      I recorded my screen on trying to sketch using the simple circle brush tool. Naming a layer had no lag at all, but drawing on the canvas is a nightmare.


      Please help!


      This lag issue is ruining my drawing experience in Photoshop....