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    Distorted Audio after I export in After Effects... Why?!?!?


      Hello every,


      I have a music channel on Youtube of copyright free songs and so I am uploading songs with my logo in the middle and colors moving to the music as beats happen. When I do all these effects in After Effects to make everything happen when I export the song 99% of the time the audio goes in and out and sounds distorted in some parts. I don't be its the audio being to high or breaking the meter as I don't add any effects to raise the sound of the music.  Is After Effects just messing up cause it can't handle all the effects? I am running an Imac with i7 quad processor with 16GM Ram. When I tried to do the same editing on my Macbook Pro which is a year old and only a dual processor and 16GM RAM the audio came out WAY WORSE and pretty much the whole song came out distorted! I linked a video below to where you can hear a song I did where the audio came out distorted and sounded like it was blown out and low. The audio gets distorted at like 10 seconds into the video and goes in and out during the song.





      I hope someone can help me! Do I need like an 8 core super computer or what?!?!?!