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    OpenGL with gtx 1080

    cools17311053 Level 1

      after effects can support OpenGL with gtx 1080?


      I dont have OpenGL in after effects with nividia  gtx 1080.


      can i do anything to make after effects support OpenGL with gtx 1080, without support i cant use element 3d plugin.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          without support i cant use element 3d plugin.

          You're wrong. E3D's OpenGL has nothing to do with the program settings. E3D uses its own OpenGL core and therefore might work regardless. Everything else we cannot answer. You have not provided exact system and version information.



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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you are talking about the ray-traced renderer settings, it is irrelevant to Element 3d (as Mylenium points out). You should not use the ray-traced renderer if you are using Element. It will make things slower. Use the classic renderer.