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    Leftbower Level 1
      I have multple development workstations (home/office, laptop, work PC, etc.) Is there an easy way to transfer/migrate the CF Admin settings from one CF instance to the next, rather than entering all of the settings manually?

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          MikerRoo Level 1
          In the absence of a better reply, try this:

          1. Make sure all CF copies are the same version and the same edition (IE do not mix standard with developer or enterprise -- developer to enterprise may be ok).
          2. Stop CF and any JRun or Java services.
          3. Copy all of the XML files from source to clone.
          4. Say a little prayer or sacrifice some chickens.
          5. Restart and hope for the best.

          For Enterprise editions, dive through the java deployment docs. There may be some useful tips there.
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            Leftbower Level 1
            Will free-range chickens do?

            Wow! You'd think there's be an easier, less-worriesome migration path for something that I would think would be a common request? Sounds like ripe territory for a 3rd party, perhpas shareware, solution!

            Thanks for the input!