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    Lock a certain field in fillable PDF, the rest of the fields unlocked/fillable


      Hi Adobe experts,



      I have forms in PDF file format that I have to send out through email. Before I send a form out, I need to indicate a control number so that I can monitor movement of the forms. Control number is with format YYYY-MM-XXX (YYYY and MM being the year and month when the form is issued, and XXX is a sequential number from 001 to 999).


      I have already made the control number field a text field/fillable field, but I need the field to be not editable when I send it out. What options do I have so I can lock that certain field after assigning a control number, without using Acrobat everytime to assign a control number before I send out the PDF file? Is there a way to password protect that specific field?


      Using Adobe Reader XI,  I can add a text using the Signature feature, but this text can be removed in the file.


      I am currently checking JavaScript so that the document can automatically assign a control number with that format. My problem for this is that once the document opens to the recipient, the control number may change. Would love to know your insights regarding this.