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    "Edit PDF" bounding boxes

    dmantse Level 1

      After use Adobe Pro DC create PDF form, in "Edit PDF" it will try to some text into a bounding boxes. I want to ask:

      1. After create PDF bounding boxes text is messy, it always put different "Word" into same group, it's hard to maintenance or move the text.

      2.I have try to split the work into different bounding boxes, but after reopen and edit PDF, it group different bounding boxes into one.

      Such as attached screen, It group different text into one, it's difficult some text to different position

      Edit PDF bounding boxes.png


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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          The grouping that is applied by Acrobat when you try to edit text is not something you can control. Acrobat tries to group related text together. We don't know exactly how Acrobat decides what is related, this is all handled internally (and again, without any way to control it from the outside). Even though Acrobat provides some level of text editing, these features are best used for small edits (e.g. correct a typo, replace a word, ...), for anything on a larger scale it's always best to go back to the original application that was used to create the document, which then got converted to PDF. Use InDesign, Word, Pages, ... or whatever application you've used to create the document in the first place. If you don't have access to the original file, then try to export the PDF file to e.g. a MS Word document, make your changes in Word and then convert back to PDF.