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    Muse 2017 Second Update. (July)

    RegardV Level 1

      As I am sitting and waiting for my update to complete. I'm dreaming of Muse without any hiccups, Suppose dreaming of having no hiccups might be a tall order, But I'm keeping my hopes up.


      When Muse updated to the first version of 2017 I lost 3 months worth of work. That was mostly my fault. For not making a complete backup of the working files before updating. I remember nearly dying from anger. when we were promised that all is well and My Muse site didn't even want to publish and didn't want to load in the previous version. I'm quite sure there are a number of users that had the same thing happen to them.


      So This time round I have made complete backups of all my files. The update is almost done now and I am getting ready to fire up the application.


      Let's see if were are getting and Easter egg or a rotten egg. (Keeping fingers Crossed) I would love to praise the Adobe Muse team. But honestly. It's been a fail on fail Keeping positive. Let's hope.  I will write up my findings.




      Right here we go.

      Libraries not loading. The Most common and most irritating problem of all that plagues the entire CC suite, ( im going to try some quick fixes)
      1. Log out of CC
      2. Reboot
      3. Log in again.. ( ok I will let you know if that worked)

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          RegardV Level 1

          Ok. That worked. Libraries are in order. and working after the logout, reboot, and log in.


          Publishing time.
          Well, The site I am working on is a bit elaborate, about 4min to complete the publishing process. Not too bad considering, it went over 15 min with the first 2017 update.


          Now I have to say I am happy with this. "So Far"
          doesnt seem to have any obvious issues. I'm happy with this at present.


          Thank you, Muse team. so far so good.