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    Disabling 2nd "full screen mode" (the one without the menu-bar) possible?

    Baho Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm using the Photoshop (CC, latest version) full screen mode very often by pressing "f" (on Mac with El Capitan). But I never need the 2nd full screen mode without the menu, so its annoying, that I have to switch through it all the time.


      Is there a way, to disable the 2nd full screen mode and still using "f" to switch between normal mode and (1st) full screen mode? I've tried to do this in the shortcout-menu, but i didn't find a solution. In the shortcut-tools-menu, you can only create a shortcut for "change screen mode" (or similar, I've got the german version, there it's called "Anderen Bildmodus auswaehlen").