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    Premiere 11.1 Crashing Extendscript using app.project.importSequences


      Hi all,


      Im currently trying to make an Premiere Panel, which should allow the fast import of sequences.

      So i was trying around with the import functions of the Adobe Pro Panel, which looked perfect.


      Here is a excerpt of my testcode i used in Extendscript Toolkit CC.


      var file = File.openDialog () ;
      var pathToPrProj = file.fsName;
      var seqIDsToBeImported = new Array;
      seqIDsToBeImported[0] = 1;
      app.project.importSequences(pathToPrProj, seqIDsToBeImported);


      This was based on the sample provided in the PremierePro Panel (Premiere.jsx:96-103).

      When executing the code through the Toolkit i get following Error Message.



      After this message Premiere suddenly shows an input Error afterwards and comes up with the typical "Premiere encountered an Error and has to be closed...".


      To be honest, i have no idea what could cause this error and im also not able to watch the whole line in the Error window.


      Does anyone know a workaround or simply sees where my mistakes is?


      Thanks in advance, everyone!




      p.s. Error is reproducible