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    Lightroom import hanging and not importing


      Recently I was following a lightroom discussion about saving lightroom metadata to XML, so I decided it was a good idea and kicked it off. My collection is ~100K images so I thought no problem, just let the iMac run for a couple of days.


      In the interim I took 100 or so pics and wanted to import them. The import just hung forever until I shut lightroom down.


      Since this time I have not been able to import anything. When I try to import it just hangs.


      I can't see anything to suggest the metadata to XML is complete or still going??? Is there a way to check?


      My foolishness here was not backing up lightroom before I kicked this all off, I have a week old backup, but that represents a far loss of work as Ive had a week off and been playing a bit. Incidentally importing the backup is no problem.


      Ive rest the preferences , no luck.


      Any suggestions


      I should mention Im running Lightroom CC 2015.10.1