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    Searching issues (PLEASE HELP ME! :o(.....)


      Hi! Can someone can help me please?

      I have this problem since at least 1 month and it drive me crazy!!!!


      Please, do this test for me (you don't need a subscription to do the test) :


      STEP 1 : Go to this image on Adobe Stock : 92717872

      STEP 2 : Click on it and choose «See more» at the right bottom

      STEP 3 : Go completely to the bottom (there's 4 pages of similars pictures)

      STEP 4 : Click to see page 2 or «Next»


      RESULT FOR ME : I have a new page with this message : Sorry, no results were found with that term.

      (sometime it redirect me on an other page with absolutely no link with my research)


      It's the same thing for each images! I have 108 credits and I can't search images that I want.


      Adobe support told me «Please note that we weren’t able to reproduce this issue and hence it seems to be a browser specific issue.»

      But I know 4 person that expect the same issue and I have the problem with Safari and Google Chrome. (OS 10.9.5)


      Maybe if we're many they will try to find what's happen?


      Thank you very much!