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    Fehlermeldung bei der Bildschirmfreigabe


      Dear Adobe Connect Team,


      we regluarly hosting webinars via our account. Last tuesday and friday - on both time slots everything worked smoothly. During a test run this morning an error message occurs while trying to unlock the screen:


      Access Denied

      You don't have permission to access "/L/4578/590014/1d/www.macromedia.com/bin/flashdownload.cgi?product=adobeconnectaddin&sig ned=true&A=t&SA=t&SV=t&EV=t&MP3=t&AE=t&VE=t&ACC=t&PR=t&SP=f&SB=f&DEB=f&V=WIN%2026%2C0%2C0% 2C131&M=Adobe%20Windows&R=1920x1200&COL=color&AR=1.0&OS=Windows%207&ARCH=x86&L=de&IME=t&PR 32=t&PR64=t&PT=PlugIn&AVD=f&LFD=f&WD=f&TLS=t&ML=5.1&DP=72&what=help" on this server.

      Reference #18.df741602.1500033290.8d2f2b1


      This window apperars during unlocking the screen:


      And when you click on the question mark the error message is shown on a different screen:



      Could you please take a look at this?

      Best Regards