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    Single Caption for two or more pictures




      I'm having this problem. I want to have a single caption for two pictures that are going to be side by side in the text, representing the same image, but with different zoom levels. This is easy at first, just create a caption for the picture on the left and extend it to the right, under the second picture.


      But what I also want was the automatic labeling Fig.2.7 and Fig.2.8 to be together in the same line. For the first picture i can do it, since when I create a caption it immediately displays the Fig. 2.7 (as it's usual for this level 2 paragraph style, that works fine for single pictures with single captions). But then Fig 2.8 only displays if I make a paragraph inside the caption and I wanted it to appear in the same sentence as Fig. 2.7 (like so: Fig. 2.7 and Fig 2.8: «description»), since both picture represent the same thing.

      Fig2-7 and 2-8.jpg



      I achieved the caption like I wanted it to be (as shown in the above picture) by manually writing Fig. 2.8.


      The problem is that when I place the next picture on the following page it will have the caption with Fig. 2.8 instead of 2.9. I tried to go around this problem by fooling InDesign and create a text frame between both pictures with this sub level paragraph style, outside the page frame, but it didn't work.






      I'm thinking now of creating a caption for both pictures and drag the caption frame of the picture on the right into the area of the caption of the left, so it comes right after the first one, leaving an approximate space between them, like so:






      This works, because now the picture on the next page has the caption with Fig. 2.9, but it's a nasty work around, trying to manually align the spacing and dragging. Is there a way to achieve this desired effect, without all this work? Basically having to consecutive sub level labels without having to make a paragraph OR a new paragraph style that allows this to happen (I also tried this, but my knowledge in InDesign is limited. In the next picture I provide the Number 'code' for the Paragraph Style I'm using for this captions).