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    Sudden issues: RAM preview slow, audio echoing


      So, I've been using AE for years now and starting probably about a week ago my RAM preview started rendering really slowly, like 20 seconds for 5 seconds of footage. Nothing has changed since then, I have 14 GB of RAM allocated to AE alone and I have no other programs open besides Chrome. Even if I let it render, after a few seconds of playing the audio starts echoing like I have multiple of the same video being rendered at once but a millisecond off from each other. I should also note that the source file of the footage doesn't echo at all.


      Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to fix it?

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          AEHatesMe Level 1

          Updated info:


          RAM rendering slowly was from rendering a 1080 video instead of 720.


          The real issue is the audio echoing during RAM preview, it doesn't happen in any previous videos. Making a new composition doesn't help, but the source video has no echoing and the rendered video also has no echoing -- it's just in the RAM preview. I can work around it for the most part but it's really annoying.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Can we see screenshots of your audio hardware preferences?

            Also, what, exact, version number of AE is it?


            What happens if you reboot, open After Effects ONLY, and try to do the preview? (Chrome has gotten very bloated lately and has been known to cause odd issues sometimes if it's open.)