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    Where are Edited Photos Saved When Using Online Photoshop Express Editor?

    JFred1239756687 Level 1

      I am trying to use Online Photoshop Express Editor to resize some photos.  I can upload a photo, resize it and then click *DONE*.


      Supposedly, according to some video clips I have watched, when you click DONE, it is saved.  But NONE OF THEM say WHERE THE H... the new image is saved!!

      I have spent 3 hours looking for this answer and find NOTHING!  Photoshop FAQ searches yield NO INFO on this!


      Am I a Dumba.., or am I supposed to look in the trunk of my car for them?  Does anybody know - since apparently Adobe doesn't?


      Pardon my attitude but I am a bit ticked off right now.  Somebody please help.  Thx

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          JFred1239756687 Level 1

          Well, just to prove that a blind pig can find an acorn once in a while, I managed to STUMBLE upon the answer to my own question - with no thanks to kanikas17063107 for moving my post to the proper forum but failing to offer any advice.


          So, for any other pathetic fool who has the misfortune to endure this same agony, I will now provide the Cockamamie answer to the question.


          Any quasi-educated user would assume (and I PREsume you know the definition of that word) that the 'X' in the upper Right-Hand corner of the Photoshop Express editing page would only CLOSE the Dang app.  Right?


          BUT, NO!  NOT SO!  Some Adobe soul, in a fit of misguided drug-induced rage, chose to omit a 'Save' icon that is visible on that page and instead bury that option following the hit on the 'X'.  If you can find any info on this perverted action, then you are a better person than I.


          Once I belatedly discovered that scurrilous fact, the process to save the new image is reasonably simple.


          I can only hope that some moderator will see this reply, and suggest a change in the process for the benefit of future victims of this foolishness.  i will deliberately leave this post not marked as 'solved' so it may live a bit longer for the advantage to others.

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