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    Communicating with Photoshop through COM and WIN32 APIs.

    EnsilZah_ Level 1

      I've recently taken up Python to help out at my workplace, trying to contribute to a pipeline and bridge between Photoshop and Maya.

      After screwing around with Python for a bit and learning about PyQt, I figured out that I can draw a transparent window on top of Photoshop and thus create an overlay of widgets over parts of the application.


      You can see my attempt here:



      The first half is just drawing rectangles over the various child-windows within Photoshop, to identify the individual components.

      The second half is my hacked together attempt at creating a Maya-like transformation widget to manipulate layers.

      I'm guessing this approach is similar to what applications like LazyNezumi and Quixel use to draw on top of Photoshop.


      I do the window-related stuff and Photoshop communication through win32gui, win32com and comtypes modules.

      So I've come here to ask if anyone is interested in the code (Which I could share after some cleaning up).

      And also to ask if anyone might point me to better resources than just trial and error.

      I figured this is a better place than the SDK forum since that seem to be mainly focused on plugins.


      I'm also wondering specifically if anyone has an experience communicating with the 'PSViewC' widget, since most of the Photoshop child-windows seem to be of that type and while I've managed to read and write to standard widgets like a text box, the secrets of PSViewC elude me.