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    Adobe CC Brush Integration

    Janet L Stoppee Level 1

      Are you using Brushes in a few Adobe CC apps? A deeper dive into those brushes proves that they have their share of similarities, across the apps, aa well as differences in the brushes from app to app.


      We have a project in house which needs a complete branding treatment. We are well into the rough concept sketch stages on both paper and iPad. Most of the iPad work was done with Photoshop Sketch. It was further refined using Photoshop on a Mac plus a Wacom tablet and stylus. Once the refined sketches are shown to the client, the Ps sketch springboards into Illustrator. In AI brushes were created for the vector art. At that point we began to gain a better sense of the final two-dimensional logo.


      After a few versions of the logo were shown to the client, their approvals assisted in directing the logo/brand’s design further. At that point, we were ready for the motion aspect of the project. The motion graphics were achieved with both After Effects and Animate. Ae provided the video components and Animate was a key player in the web/mobile interactive.


      As with Photoshop and Illustrator, brushes were significant to the motion work, in those two apps.


      In our perfect world, the brushes in Ai, Ps, Ae, and An would behave similarly, allowing a seamless workflow as we (you) work in these apps.


      Unfortunately, that’s not the case.


      To take that further, brushes in these apps seem stalled out in development from the previous century.


      Adobe, being Adobe, surely has done a great deal of research and planning in how to move this forward.


      Hopefully, those plans are not specific to just one app. We would hope one UI and the related panel and tools would all look and act the same way, in all four apps.


      As we discussed this topic with others, we thought this might be a good time to open this conversation to a larger group and discover what others are thinking about this.


      Please share any thoughts.