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    Adjusting position of a dash from side to side

    AABBCCJuile Level 1

      Hi all! This is probably a simple thing, but I can't figure it out. You know how can adjust one character up and down using the baseline shift? Is there a way to do that... except from side to side?


      I have an agenda with a start time, a dash, and end time and the event. The start time, end time and events are tabbed so they all line up. But I can't do that with the dash between the start and end times because I want it centered... and those spaces vary depending on the time. So I'd like to scoot that dash a little left or right so that visually it looks like it's centered.

      I've attached a screenshot that shows what it looks like with invisible characters turned on (left) and off (right).

      I was just adding spaces after the start times and that works for the most part. But I thought maybe there was a more elegant way of doing that, as it is not perfectly centered when I do that.


      Also, I just realized that in the example image, the start times all sort of line up. But that isn't the case throughout... some are quite a bit longer than others.


      I'm using InDesign CC on my iMac. Thank you!example.jpg