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    Fading out to transparency?

    media kat Level 1

      I am creating a video and want the audio to continue playing for about a second after the video fades out. I am going to import this into Premiere and cut to a new video so the second of continuing audio overlaps the new video. The problem is when exported from AE the video continues playing until the end. I can unlink the audio and video in PP and edit the video portion down, though is there some other way of doing this? Almost like fading out to transparency?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Creating the fade to transparency in AE requires that you understand rendering with an alpha channel and locks you into specific timing that is not easy to change. I would just do what you are describing in Premiere.


          You can animate transparency in Premiere Pro. These are basic skills. You can also apply a dissolve transition in Premiere Pro and get similar looks. You could also just use a J or L cut - cut the video before or after the audio, and then apply one of the Dissolve transitions available in Premiere Pro. The proper technique depends entirely on the shot. Everything I have talked about is a basic skill covered in the training on the Premiere Pro Product page.

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