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    "After Effects has stopped working" every few minutes during render

    MassAwesomeOne Level 1

      I'm working on a green screen replacement and during render, within a fifteen minutes, windows will pop up that After Effects has stopped working and then the program closes. I've been rendering to a TIFF sequence so that i can start back where I left off, but I have 40min. of footage which will take an estimated 80 or so hours to render. So having to start it again every fifteen minutes isn't really an option.


      The comp (From top to bottom)

      Light Wrap: Baked Background plate with gaussian blur, channel blur, and set mattes

      KEY: A pre-comp of several layers source footage with their own instance of key light. For the comps I need to render it varies between 2-3 layers. Visibility is off and serves as a matte.

      Despilled footage: Has color balance, lumetri color, advanced spill suppressor, grain removal, and unsharp mask.

      Shadow: Footage crushed black using levels, blurred, and moved to the side

      Background: Baked background plate


      I'm running After Effects 14.2.1 on Windows 10. Intel i5 3.2GHz, 32GB of RAM.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.