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    Animating many blades of grass?

    StanWelks Level 1

      I want to take lots of individual blades of grass created in Illustrator and bring them into AE, and make some of the blades of grass sway back and forth. I am very new to After Effects and am hoping to get some advice to get started correctly with this.


      1. Since I will have many individual items (blades of grass) in AE that will need to be animated, is there any particular way I should prepare the Illustrator file, layers, etc.?

      2. I understand basic keyframing, and might just do simple rotations with the blades, though is there another way that I might achieve smoother movement with the rotations? Are there any Effects and Presets that might be helpful with what I am doing?

      3. Many of the blades of grass will just be repeated in the Illustrator file. What is the best way to create the animated blades of grass and just reuse the animations throughout the piece in AE?


      Any help will be appreciated.