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    Bates Number help - Multiple Font Sizes - Varying Dimensions/DPI

    Michael9er Level 1


      I work in the legal field and we like to use Acrobat to perform bates numbering. An issue I've had for a while now is when a PDF contains images of varying dimensions, a single font size bate number doesn't always scale to the image as we would like. A standard letterhead images looks perfect with a font size of, let say, 12. When the next image is an ultra high quality photo with a huge dimensions size, a 12 pt font size is impossible to read when the image is scaled to fit in Acrobat. When the next image is a logo with very small dimensions, the 12 pt font size is monstrously large and most often does not fit when printed across the image.


      I'm fully open to Java, VBA, or other scripting if necessary. I know I would be able to determine the proper viewing font size which could scale with images when viewed on a monitor. I wrote a little script to use on another program which I could use to drag and drop a folder of single page tif/jpg images onto an exe which would export a delimited file with data including the file name, height/width and DPI. I then had it import into an excel file where I had some VBA and formulas do a quick piece of math to determine a scalable font size for each image. (I'm not that knowledgeable with VBA to be able to create this on my own. My knowledge comes from asking questions in forums such as this and decimating all that I can learn while using google to help fill in the gaps. I'm usually able to bring something together but I still need help.)



      Is there any method, even including VBA, Java, or other coding languages, which I can use to bate number a PDF using multiple font sizes? The font size needs to scale with each image's dimensions to be viewed proportionally on a monitor.


      Thank you so much