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    Can't Open Freading Book in ADE


      Hello. I can't seem to get help anywhere else, so I hope you can help me here.


      I downloaded a Freading (file type is .acsm) book from my local library, which is in my Downloads folder on my Windows 10 desktop. When I double click on it to open it, the computer constantly brings up the message "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" It is asking me to re-download Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.5 when I already have it on my computer. The computer won't allow me to open the book and I don't need to install the ADE, which I've reinstalled numerous times already to see if that was the cause of my problem.


      What can I do to open this book so I can read it on my computer?


      Thank you.

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          margaret246 Level 1

          I believe I found the answer. I need to open ADE books differently on my Windows 10 computer than my Windows Vista computer.


          I clicked on File in the Adobe Digital Editions program, then Add to Library, then Downloads, then Adobe Content Server Message on the bottom near File Name, then the book that I wanted to open, and then Open. Then the book was placed in the ADE library.


          On my Windows Vista computer, once an ADE book was downloaded all I had to do was double click it and it went into my ADE library.


          I hope this helps anybody that might have the same problem as I did.