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    InDesign Font list jumps to the top during scroll through preview

    iflo Level 1

      For as long as I can remember, pre InDesign even, I and every designer I know sets some type and scrolls through the font list looking at the live preview on the canvas to pick fonts, compare fonts, find and match fonts, etc. Only since CC have I noticed that scrolling through my font list every 10 or 15 the list jumps me back to the top of the list making this function frustratingly impossible and killing a previously more efficient process. If this is the cost of TypeKit, get rid of it. Disabling it did not help.


      Does anyone know what is happening or why it is happening. i found a lot of threads for PS, IL, etc on this subject but few relevant and recent to CC threads on the subject... i need this to change AND SOON! HELP!