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    Using Graphics Processor Throws Off Saturation




      Using Lightroom CC 2015 on a Dell XPS with a GForce GTX 1050, and seeing an issue across the Develop mode.


      I've been processing my RAWs, and noticing that on export, all JPEGs seemed much less saturated than the working file on Develop mode. Only when I got the image on full screen mode on Develop did I understand something was wrong within Lightroom: the saturation on full screen, as well as on exported JPEGs was much less pronounced than on the RAW.


      After exploring a bit more, I found out that by turning off Graphic Card acceleration on Preferences, the issue disappeared. Now obviously I want to be able to use it, so I've been looking for a solution. So far I've tried:

      - Setting up the GForce Card as the main card in the card's settings, as well as the preferred card on Lightroom;

      - Changing the system colour settings, to be more vibrant, thus matching the Lightroom ones, but no go.

      - A bunch of other things which I can't remember.


      I've been told that it's possible that the JPEGs/full screen are working in a different colour space than the graphics card, but I'm not sure how to even start matching them to put this to the test.


      Would love to know if anyone has had this one, and solved it.