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    Photoshop cannot detect my GPU (Desktop, AMD HD 7800)


      Hi everyone, i'm having an issue. i primarily use Photoshop for editing panoramas and landscape images, but after updating to LR and PS to CC2017, there's an issue: i can't open my files from LR to PS, and the error message is "file could not be edited because Abobe Photoshop CC 2017 could not be launched", even though PS is already opened.


      1) this is the first problem i face. i can't open any file to Photoshop


      here's some of the issues i'm facing other than not being able to open my files on PS from LR

      2) Photoshop can't detect my GPU, so i can't enable it, which disables the functions i use, mainly the panorama stitching, blending and even just adaptive wide angle filter


      3) Lightroom shuts down frequently as well, citing "encountered an issue and needs to restart/shutdown"


      These are my GPU's specs:

      What i've done so far:

      - Updated my GPU's drivers- Uninstalled and re-installed PS CC2017
      - Added PS under the 3D application settings


      Any advice/help is appreciated. Thanks!