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    Everything wiped out when renewing CC Subscription, no help available


      I just got a notice from Amazon indicating my CC subscription was dropped by them (apparently, my annual subscription expires today). Also apparently, my account is inactivated (or access severely curtailed) on the day of expiration (NOT the day after).

      So, I went to Adobe to renew.

      Went through most of the process and was asked to update my email address for notices & such. Did so.

      Upon completion of my subscription renewal (done while logged in to my Adobe account, BTW), found that I could no longer access my online files, Mobile. I was then forced to come up with a new password, and my prior account (email address still active, BTW) seems to have been killed off. I have LR Mobile on my phone. I HAD tons of files synchronized between LR Desktop and LR Mobile. They are now all gone, along with all the edits I had done in Mobile.

      Is there some way to retrieve all the stuff from my "Prior" account (Note I was unaware that changing a notification email address or renewing my subscription would kill everything I had done prior) to my "New" (and unintended) account?

      To make it worse, upon discovering this, I tried to get online help. I keep getting an Adobe message reading something like "Real Help from Real People", but after 45 minutes of trying, I cannot locate any way to chat with help personnel.

      This is support for professional photographers? Thankfully for me, I don't have client deliverables this weekend.

      Is Photo Mechanic the only way to fix my CC problem? Besides being faster, I haven't heard of anyone losing files during a subscription renewal.

      PS: I have been a loyal Adobe user for many years (LR since the first version, full Acrobat for many years prior). I like the products, generally, but you are making it extraordinarily difficult and RISKY for a pro to use.