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    once again media core doesn't load. But now i cannot resolve it


      previously I had to jump through hoops to get AE to load properly. I would get errors that media core plugins couldn't load. I'd install the media pack for Windows 10 K and N and be off to the races.

      After the anniversary update i'm stuck and cannot use this software anymore. I get the media core failures and it also no longer recognizes quicklime, even though it's installed.



      Beyond that, I followed some thread advice on the MS forums and nothing I do installs the media player. so at this point i cannot use After Effects to do my work and I'm beyond frustrated.




      Does anyone have a legitimate fix to get past this? i don't think reverting to an earlier build of windows is the correct path, and it's not an acceptable path. i'd like to find a way to resolve this. These problems are getting worse and worse.

      Please help. I CANNOT install media player, and i CANNOT get AE to recognize QUick time which i do have installed.