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    Migrating changes to picture from Mac to PC, while photos are shared on NAS

    Mr. Slarti

      Hello everyone,


      I made a mistake when I started LR. I have put all my pictures on a NAS, which is not a mistake per se, but I have catalog for these on my PC and a catalog on my MAC.


      Now here is the mistake, I made a lot of changes to photos via my MAC, which are in the Library on my MAC, but this doesn't scale for me, so I want to use my PC to do the changes in future and only move new catalogs, which I create on my MAC on the run to my PC.


      So here the questions:


      How can I migrate the existing changes to photos on my mac library to the PC? I tried a lot of copying, exporting, importing etc. I think the main problem is that the volume drives are not the same so, the PC when he wants to "merge", doesn't find the related photos.


      Is there something else I could do, besides finding all the changed photos, make a catalog, moving those pictures from my NAS and then import this to my PC? That would be a lot of work. Any suggestions are appreciated.


      Thanks in advance,