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    Flex Builder Closing Automatically

    dave7273 Level 1
      We have a couple of people in my office that are having problems with Flexbuilder closing on its own. without the opportunity to save any changes made In my case, it seems to happen if I am saving a file into a folder that's not currently in my current site. In other cases, it appears to be totally random (and more often). I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and the problem still occurs. Has anyone run into this?
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          I started using the trial version of Flex Builder yesterday and it has closed on me several times today. Sometimes it was when trying to save a file and other times it was when I was trying to insert an image file into a container. Most of this happened when I was following the exact instructions from a tutorial. It is somewhat frustrating that I cannot add any images. Design view seems to be where the problem is because it's fine if I add to the xml until I hit the refresh button to display the changes in the design view. There is an error log that gets generated but it basically says an exception occurred in native code outside the JVM and a lot of other information that doesn't help me.