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    Moving CTI by pressing CTRL + arrow creates new keyframes


      I've experienced a really odd issue that I've never come along. When I'm scrubbing through timeline using a mouse, everything is working properly. Unless I move the time indicator by pressing key combination CTRL + arrow right or left. Every movement using this key combination adds a keyframe, but only when a specific property with "Time-vary stopwatch" is selected. If deselected, moving through time is working perfectly.Capture3.png
      Probably it's a trivial problem, but I can't solve it. (and I need to say that I'm a newbie to this software) I couldn't find any solution on the Internet or on the Adobe Forums, so I need some help. Thanks in advance.


      Tech info:

      Version: Adobe After Effects CC (2017)

      OS: Windows 10 Home; version 1703; Build: 15063.483

      PC: Intel Core i5-2400; 8GB RAM; Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 4GB