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    Component Unload Function?

      I'm trying to develop my first component and I'm running into a small problem. We're developing a large eLearning course and we are using "text bubbles" to highlight certain elements in the course. I figured why animate these bubbles every time? Why couldn't I just build a component that allows me to enter in the text and have it animate for me?

      This component is basiclly placing a text bubble on the main timeline and controlling it's actions. I'm using the Zigo tween engine to scale the text bubble instance when the component loads on a given frame. My problem is that I also want the text bubble to animate closing when it hits the last keyframe of the component.

      I have the function below in my .as file that I'm calling when the component loads... is there any way I can trigger another function when the component unloads while keeping all the script in the .as file?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you,